What is working time management?

The evolution of the digital world and digital at a very high speed brings improvements on the daily life of an individual or a company. In order to manage productivity well, online accounting and management software is available to ensure the production of a business. Good time management is necessary to successfully accomplish the tasks and objectives set.

What exactly is time management?

Time management plays a major role in the daily life of an individual, a group or a company. Time management can take two distinct forms: on the one hand, personal time management and on the other hand, professional time management. Generally speaking, time management involves several essential procedures. First of all, it is necessary to define a performance indicator (KPI) and a line that is a guide throughout the work. Secondly, it is also necessary to plan objectives or action plans as precisely as possible.

Finally, the use of certain tools and software provided by comptaweb can also play a major role in time management, whether it be in the professional or personal domain. In short, all of these points are essential for developing skills, managing projects or optimizing a whole day. For more information in this area, it is strongly recommended to visit a specialized website such as comptaweb.net.

Why is it important to manage your time well?

Time management varies according to the individual in question; each person has his or her own way of managing daily life. Nowadays, every minute is counted and this is due to the evolution of digital technology. In the professional field, time is billed, accounted for, counted, in other words, time is precious for a company. The latter plans deadlines or dead lines to complete a project on time.

A good time management allows to gain in productivity, but also in efficiency, because the working time is well organized and better structured. It also allows to get rid of free time to take some fresh air, to exchange with collaborators or to reduce one’s mental load. In short, time management is important for personal well-being, but also to be efficient in professional life. For more advice, it is recommended to visit comptaweb for online accounting and management software.

How to better manage your working time?

In order to manage your working time, it is essential to be well organized. Wasting time decreases productivity and a very busy schedule does not mean that a person is productive. Before taking action, it is necessary to define a global and precise vision of the project as well as the objectives set via a software program from comptaweb. The choice of methods or techniques for good management is also recommended. A good planning of the tasks allows to segment the objectives and to estimate the date and the duration to reach the objectives. It is also necessary to set personal objectives to stay on course.

The tasks to be accomplished must be well identified to determine their level of importance. It is also important to avoid postponing an action to avoid wasting time, in other words, procrastinating must be avoided. Knowing how to say no is also important in professional life to gain respect and avoid being overwhelmed by other tasks. One of the pillars of success is concentration, which is essential to be effective throughout the work. Given the research and studies conducted by scientists and researchers that show that a person can not stay focused for a day, taking breaks are therefore necessary to oxygenate the brain again and to reduce stress.

Essential tools and methods for good time management

Good time management has a positive impact on the quality and efficiency of work. The use of time management tools and methods from comptaweb is also essential in order not to forget certain details. The definition of a guideline is a method to manage time. First of all, using the getting things done or GTD method allows you to collect the different tasks to be accomplished, analyze the need for operation, organize them according to the degree of urgency and review the progress of the project.

The to-do list or list of things to do is a very practical tool to list all the actions to be done as well as the tasks to be accomplished, to assign a priority and to classify them efficiently by hierarchy. The practice of the pomodoro technique consists of staying focused for 25 minutes on a task and taking a break and so on. The Eisenhower matrix method is a technique that allows you to take a step back from the accomplishment of different tasks.

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