Get the best positions on search engines by choosing the right SEO solutions

It’s hard to have a professional website or a personal blog and not hear about SEO. This concept inherent to digital marketing is the only way for webmasters to gain visibility. If you want your business to take off on the web, then you must work well your SEO by applying the rules framing this approach that has become essential. Let’s try to better understand what natural referencing consists of and what are the actions to take so that your site can be placed at the top of the search results.

What is natural referencing?

Search Engine Optimization refers to all the operations carried out to gather, process and publish content on the web. This content can be articles as well as visual and audio-visual information. The objective is to allow Internet users to find answers to their questions as well as practical solutions for the problems they are confronted with, whatever the subject or field of activity.

Natural referencing is also defined as opposed to paid referencing. SEO is distinguished from SEA, both of which are web marketing practices designed to increase awareness of a site and attract consistent and regular traffic. If SEA propels you straight to the top of the first page of search, SEO relies on techniques that pay off in the long run. Here, it is Google that decides which site will rise or fall in the rankings by taking into consideration criteria defined by its algorithms.

So, you may wonder why you should bother with a whole SEO strategy if the paid alternative ensures you the best position from the start. Simply because studies on the behavior of Internet users have clearly indicated that they tend to favor non-paid links.

Since you cannot create a solid e-reputation without first building a relationship of trust with your community, you cannot do without SEO. Only this approach can generate quality traffic to your website and allow you to convert your visitors into customers.

Serve your community to rise in Google rankings

Internet users type a search on the web to obtain an answer that matches, as much as possible, their expectations. The search result must be precise enough to capture the visitor’s attention. Knowing that it takes, on average, less than 15 seconds to decide to stay on a site or to go and see what the competition is offering, you have to satisfy the curiosity and expectations of your audience if you want Google to find your site and see a quality interface.

To keep your visitors as long as possible, several techniques can be applied. We can mention internal linking. This consists of choosing a word inside one of your pages and making it an anchor. By typing on it, the Internet user will be led to another page. This method not only prolongs the visit, but above all it guarantees the satisfaction of the visitor.

Here is an example: you go to a site on slimming products and you come across an article on the following subject: “How to consume organic green tea to lose weight? “In the middle of this text, while you are only at the first paragraphs, the sentence “lifestyle to be thin” appears in bold and in another color. Just click on it and you’ll be taken to a second article discussing the idea of healthy eating habits to shed unwanted pounds. The author thus creates a guideline to help you better understand your problem.

Build your e-reputation

Have you ever heard of e-reputation? Probably yes! Every person, company or organization that uses the web has an e-reputation. This includes all the elements on the web that you have published yourself, but also everything that has been said about you or your business. It goes without saying that you need to build a solid image that inspires confidence if you want to have a loyal and attentive audience to your words. Thus, digital agencies now offer this type of service. Some of them even specialize in this field of activity.

First of all, in order to have a reassuring image, you have to pay special attention to what you broadcast on your blog and on your social networks. All it takes is one slip-up or a joke that some people don’t like to hear to tarnish your reputation. It will then take time, effort and a lot of money to fix it. Don’t be your own executioner! This is one element of your digital reputation that you can normally control without too much difficulty.

Other incidents may occur without your approval. Call in the professionals to deal with this problem. Legal action can be taken in the most extreme cases. But most of the time, a few techniques are enough to dust off your image and build an inspiring reputation on the web.

Build a strong network to stay ahead of your competitors

You may not know it, but your competitors are not always your adversaries. On the contrary, you will have to collaborate with the biggest names in your niche to get the best positions on the search engine. How can you do this? By applying the principle of external linking.

This is a technique that is an integral part of netlinking. It consists in encouraging your competitors to direct their own visitors to your site. Surprising, right? Not really. In fact, this practice is becoming more and more common on the web. You need to contact a few authority sites that have a good reputation and a good monthly visitor base. If you can convince them to quote you, you’re in business. If you get turned down, offer them a free guest post. Put all your talent and energy into it. If you offer them quality content, they will have no choice but to accept it.

A regular audit to follow the movement

The web being in a continuous movement, there is no guarantee that you will keep your position once you have done the above mentioned actions. You must then analyze your website regularly to detect its flaws and correct them quickly. The audit work allows you to stay on top of the latest trends in natural referencing. Here are the main advantages of a diagnosis made in due form:

  • Check the loading time of the pages
  • Evaluate the relevance of keywords
  • Ensure the cleanliness of the source code
  • Identify the pages that generate the most traffic

Remember that the audit also consists of studying the techniques used by your competitors. If you want your diagnosis to be effective, do not stay focused on your content. Only a global study of your niche and the practices adopted by all webmasters can lead you to conclusions where the margin of error is limited.

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