What to do when you are tired of your job?

Many employees suffer from burn-out, but getting out of this mess is not at all easy. The desire to come back to the office is no longer there and work does not become a passion. It becomes an ordeal. You can try the following suggestions, but you’d better discuss them with your manager so that you don’t tackle the problem alone.

Beware of open conflict

It is not impossible that your management perceives your lack of enthusiasm as a symptom of laziness. They may refuse to react and consequently push you to go and see your number 2. Indeed, note that if your direct superior refuses to listen to you, you have the right to expose the situation to the human resources department or to the staff representative if necessary. Know that mastering the Labour Code will allow you to know more about this subject. Know that you can consult a company doctor if necessary. This health professional can inform your manager and the head of the company of your situation in writing. In doing so, they will be required to take responsibility.

To avoid conflicts, you might as well consult an occupational physician right away instead of writing an e-mail that will open hostilities. The number of cases of suicide at work is increasing and this has led experts to look into occupational fatigue.

Identifying the signs of fatigue

When a manager finds himself in a situation of fatigue at work, it is sometimes difficult to discuss it with his hierarchy. The reason for this is the fear of missing out on a possible promotion. If you are going through a situation like this, you should not dwell on the problem, because it can get worse. Certainly, in cases of burn-out, time tends to turn against you. Although the source of the stress may disappear, the discomfort and lack of desire to work persists. So don’t wait for your next vacation and take action. First, if you want to get rid of this work fatigue, start by identifying the signs. Are you having trouble sleeping? You lack appetite and are irritable. A work day seems endless and being called on by your boss is extremely annoying.

Letting the situation fester is hardly a solution. Indeed, the problem is likely to undermine you in the long run. Your superior does not only give you missions to accomplish. He or she is also there to help you through the weak moments. So, don’t hesitate to tell him or her about your problems. With your help, he or she will be able to find the right solution to your problem. You probably need a professional interview.

Opt for a new reorganization

If you have reached a stage where you are so tired of the work that you are no longer interested, consider proposing an alternative to your boss. For example, you can present him with a new organization of your days. Of course, your boss will allow you to be coached if this allows you to go beyond the cruise level again. You can then be accompanied by a coach from outside the company. Otherwise, you should know that a few small changes are sometimes enough to make you feel better. Why not choose an office far from the surrounding noise where you can still plan small 15-minute breaks every two hours to recharge your batteries? If a file seems too heavy for you, ask to be accompanied in its handling or at least until you feel better.

Take a break once in a while

If you’re feeling tired of your job, take time to relax and ask yourself the right questions. Have you set the bar too high by accepting goals that you can’t seem to reach? Certainly, fear sometimes motivates fatigue at work. This tends to increase as the deadline approaches. Instead of missing your goals and possibly your career, try to explain this to your supervisor. As much as possible, try not to give up on difficulties you are having trouble solving.

You can still try to solve the problem by relaxing every weekend or also by having one of your favorite snacks every week. If necessary, go to the spa every now and then to pamper yourself while taking stock of the situation. To combat fatigue at work, get out and forget about your office routine. Get together with friends whenever you can. Organize family outings to feel better afterwards. These little things will keep you going.

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