How to become an independent headhunter ?

Every organization is looking for good people to increase their profit and efficiency. Also, every second is very expensive for companies. Therefore, consulting a headhunter, otherwise known as a recruiter, allows organizations and companies to save time while acquiring highly qualified employees. Because of the high demand, many people are interested in recruiters. However, what are the real missions of a headhunter? What are the qualities required to become an independent recruiter? And what training is required to work in this field?

What are the missions of a recruiter?

The job of a recruiter consists in submitting to a company or an organization a candidate with high potential. Yes, in a way, the recruiter is hired by the entity to provide it with good elements. So, why doesn’t the given entity decide to do the research itself? A headhunter does not only offer candidates, which anyone can get, he is committed to offer his clients rare specimens (experts in their field). Yes, these expert trackers have a multitude of networks, which allow them to have in hand a whole list of virtuosos in different fields. In this way, these recruiters will be able to more easily match the demands of companies and the qualifications of candidates. It should be noted that headhunting is not the only job of recruiters. In some cases, recruiters can help organizations by advising them on the type of profile they should focus on (click here for more information).

What qualities are required to thrive as a freelance recruiter?

A recruiter is urged to have a strong network, within several organizations, allowing him/her to have access to all available talent. Thus, a headhunter is obliged to have a “relational know-how”, in order to better blend into his professional environment. This ability will be of great necessity, in order to be able to adjust in a profession that is constantly changing. Moreover, a future recruiter must have an unprecedented knowledge of human resources and social rights. Today, the culmination of a job is the opening to the international. Therefore, to be successful as a recruiter and especially as a freelancer, it is essential to know how to speak some foreign languages. Even if today’s technological advances make some business easier, the work of a recruiter requires a great deal of toughness. A mental and physical strength out of the ordinary, because consulting and classifying each resume is not easy.

What are the training courses to become a freelance recruiter?

It is best to make it clear that the job of headhunter, whether freelance or in an agency, does not necessarily require any training. Yes, it can be dispensable if the given person already has strong potential in a field such as trade, sales, IT, etc. Yes, a graduate without any professional qualifications is far from attractive. However, there are university courses that lead to this profession. Having business as an option, allows young students to open up to the economy, the job market (an excellent contribution) for future recruiters. Management is also an excellent way to optimize your knowledge in recruitment. Yes, the manager’s exclusive task is not to manage material resources, but also human resources, which will help to understand the person differently. For this, opt for a Master II in human resources or an MBA in management. A branch of psychology also helps to better assimilate the person in the work environment, the psychology of work itself. A Master II in the latter will take you far in the profession of recruiter.

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